I'm a big fan of using the OR code of the menu oddmenu as an effective marketing tool for my cafe. It's a great way to show customers all the different options they have, and it can help them to make faster decisions. For example, if I have a menu item that is both coffee and tea, I can list it as "coffee | tea" in the OR code. This will allow customers to quickly see that they have two options, and it can help them to choose the one that they are most interested in.

Another benefit of using the OR code is that it can help to increase the visibility of your menu items. When customers are looking for a specific item, they can easily search for it by using the OR code. This can help to ensure that they don't miss out on any of your great offerings.

Overall, I think the OR code is a very effective marketing tool for cafes. It's simple to use, and it can help to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.